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Chocolate Bhutlah Pepper Plant


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Chocolate Bhutlah Pepper seedlings are no longer available this season.  Please come back in April and May if you want this super hot pepper plant. They will be Very Limited and we recommend getting at least two plants. Order priority shipping please. This is the chili pepper that everyone is talking about as even hotter than the Carolina Reaper. Being Guinness has not rated it yet, that can not be confirmed, but many who have tried them think this one is even hotter. We have the plants. Grow your own and get to taste a fresh Chocolate Bhutlah pepper. Pepperheads also carries the peppers fresh and dried depending on the time of year. We also have Chocolate Bhutlah powder and flakes on stock all year.

Chocolate Bhutlah Pepper Plant, 7.6 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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