Blair’s 6AM Reserve with Gold Skull

Blair’s 6 am reserve is in stock now. Our Blair’s 6am reserve pepper extract (extremely limited) also contains the gold skull that was a special collectors edition on Blair’s 6am extract, a separate collector’s dream. A $75 value in itself.
Blair’s 6 am reserve is a masterpiece of hot sauce art. The contents of Blair’s 6am reserve range from a low of 10.3 million scoville units all the way up to a pure 16 million scoville units. Although some have been tested at 10.3 million scoville units our research has come to the conclusion the majority do come in at a pure 16 million scoville units. Keep in mind Blair’s 6am reserve is extremely difficult to find as and is a  discontinued product. Also, this was a limited edition so not too many were actually produced and collectors just do not let this one out of their collection. I have even heard that people have actually put Blair’s 6am reserve into their will ! In addition, to seal this work of art, Blair Lazar created two new waxes of fire yellow and the second being power purple. Blair’s 6am reserve comes in a 2.5 ounce old English style bottle just like his other special reserves. Only a few available for sale! Blair’s 6am reserve has been out of production for about 15 years now but has them in stock in their vault. We have searched high and low for Blair’s 6am reserve and believe we now have they very last batch available. This is a Final sale no returns and will be shipped insured if you request it to protect your investment. Besides Blair’s 6am reserve Pepperheads hotsauces also stocks their two regularly produced reserves of Blair’s 2am Reserve and Blair’s 3am Reserve, but please keep in mind they are the  very new edition of old English bottles. On line or call 631-476-9236.


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