Chocolate Bhutlah peppers

Chocolate Bhutlah peppers (fresh) will be available in late summer or early fall. Dried peppers are available now. This is the newest super hot chili pepper which is very controversial.  So far it has not been rated in Scoville units or by the Chili Institute of New Mexico. Chololate Bhutlah peppers have become the new buzz word in the Chili peppers. Many say this pepper is actually hotter than the current Guinness rated Chili pepper. The Carolina Reaper pepper holds that distinction as of last year. I personally have found that you can not always go by the rating. Da Bomb’s Beyond insanity hot sauce is rated at 119,000 Scoville units. In my mouth that sauce feels more like 400,000 Scoville units. Individuals taste heat differently as there are many factors how our taste receptors respond. When these Chocolate Bhutlah peppers arrive I will get to figure that out for myself. I felt the Moruga variety of the Trinidad Scorpion pepper was hotter than the Carolina Reaper in the fresh pepper form. The Carolina Reaper powder was hotter than the Moruga Trinidad Scorpion powder. I have to actually taste the Chocolate Bhutlah peppers to decide which is the hottest pepper. Although I finds the Moruga hotter I like the taste of the Carolina Reaper a little better. It is not always about the heat as it is the flavor and heat combined together. At least that’s the way I feel. I can’t find to much information on the Chocolate Bhutlah peppers being it is just coming out so the only way to know if it is truly the hottest chili pepper is to eat it. I have enjoyed the chocolate varieties of habanero and Bhut Jolokia so I am looking forward to trying out the Chocolate Bhutlah peppers. Check back with us and order as soon as they come in. That way you can decide for yourself if it truly is the hottest chili pepper.

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