Dragon’s Breath Chili Peppers

Dragon’s Breath peppers are finally available in the U.S. This chili pepper has the highest Scoville rating I have seen. These are whole peppers with stems and viable seeds. Priority mail will ensure fresher peppers. It is a relative of the Welsh Dragon. It was first developed from Wales in the United Kingdom. The Dragon’s Breath pepper boasts a rating of 2.48 million scoville units. Scoville units are used to rate the heat and capsaicin in a chili developed by Wilber Scoviile. The higher the rating the hotter the chili pepper. There may actually be to hot to consume so please beware. Ingesting may lead to anaphylactic shock. You have been warned. The oils may be even potentially be used as an anesthetic. To get an idea how hot these are a Jalapeno chili pepper is rated at 3000-5000 Scoville units. Tabasco sauce is about 2200. Serranos run as high a 23,000. Cayenne goes up to 50,000 and Habanero up to 300.000. Currently the hottest pepper that is rated by Guinness book of world records is the Carolina Reaper pepper. That comes in as high as 2.2 million. Before the Dragon’s Breath pepper came along the Chocolate Bhutlah chili pepper many said beat the Carolina Reaper although Guinness has not rated that pepper yet. Neil Price, Mike Smith and Nottingham Trent University are the ones to congratulate for bringing the Dragon’s Breath Pepper to us. This pepper was featured in London at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower show in 2017. I have searched for years for genuine Dragon’s Breath pepper seeds. There are many websites that list them but they seem impossible to actually get. I finally found a certified grower who sold me a few plants. With that said the fresh picked peppers are extremely limited at this time. Next year I should have an actual crop with more abundant peppers and may possibly have plants available. If you are interested in this chili place your order right now before this season’s peppers are gone. Www.Pepperheads-Hotsauces.com.

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