Chili Sauce & Mixes

  • Cin Chili mix (as seen on Bobby Flay’s throwdown) 6 pk


    Food never tasted so Cinful. Feel like a champion every time you serve a bowl of our Cinfully delicious chili! You want something everyone in the family will enjoy, and this is IT!!!! Easy to make and easy to fall in love with. AS SEEN ON ‘THE VIEW’ AND ‘THROWDOWN WITH BOBBY FLAY’ !! Packages of Cindy Reed Wilkins Famous recipie . I met Cindy in New Mexico when I first tried her extremely tasty spices with such a great flavour back in February 2006 and I had to have it in the store. She “beat” Bobby Flay in a televised “Throwdown” and also appeared on “The View” making her world renouned Chili !! Got to taste it, Professor Pepperhead….