Hot Sauce (Hotter)

  • African Rhino Peri-Peri Sauce Hot



    African Rhino Peri-Peri Hot Pepper Sauce

    A 2000 Scovie Award winner! “The exotic Peri-Peri is Africa's hottest chile pepper. Strains from Botswana and Zimbabwe are grown exclusively for the Kalahari Pepper company.”

    Ingredients: Roasted Tomatoes, Water, Onion, Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Canola Oil, Peri-Peri Chiles, Roasted Garlic, Sugar, Salt, Spices

  • Barbados Hot Sauce Lottie’s Yellow


    Traditional Barbados Recipe add just a little of this international award winning gourmet HOT pepper sauce and all of your dishes and recipes will EXPLODE with flavor. Ingredients: SCOTCH BONNET PEPPPERS,Mustard(water and distilled vinegar,mustard seed,salt,mustard bran,turmeric,paprika,and natural flavours),Vinegar,Onions,Sugar,Salt,and Garlic ..6.75 oz.Flask

  • Big Johnson’s


    Big Johnson’s twice burnin’ The spicy new flavor of Big Johnson’s Hot Sauce will have’em on their knees begging for more. “The biggest” taste coming and going. Who hasn’t looked down once in a while and sighed, ” I wish this meat packed more punch” Well now it will, with the spicy new flavor of Big Johnson. So, When you’rre ready for some company, juat whip out your Big Johnson as you yell ‘come and get it! and watch the line form. ingred: habanero peppers, carrots, onions, vinegar, garlic, lime juice, salt 5 oz. Florida

  • Blair’s After Death


    Blair’s After Death
    It’s Time To Feel ALIVE

    All the freshest ingredients as the Original Death Sauce plus some pure pepper resin to make things a few points south of purgatory.

    Suggested Uses: Use sparingly on Death Wings, Meatloaf, Seafood, Chili, Cheeseburgers, Sushi, or ANYTHING YOU DESIRE!

    Ingredients: Red and Orange Habaneros, Vinegar, Fresh Cayenne, Smashed Garlic, Chipotle, Pepper Extract, Lime Juice, Cilantro, Fresh Herbs and Spices.

    Heat Level: 12
    Size: 5.oz
    Region: US – New Jersey


  • Blair’s Q heat Sampler Sauce Gift Set (4)


    Blair’s Q heat gift set includes the Chipotle Slam, Jalapeno Tequila, Wasabi Green Tea, and Habanero Mango sauces. Makes for an excellent variety.

  • Brother Bru-Bru’s African Very Hot Pepper Sauce


    Brother Bru-Bru’s Organic African Very Hot Pepper Sauce – Tribal peoples all over the world use hot pepper potions, not only to enhance food flavors, but also as folk remedies for a number of ailments including indigestion, nasal and sinus congestion, sore muscles and arthritis. Ingesting hot peppers can actually cool you in a hot climate by causing your face and scalp to sweat.”Brother Bru Bru is actually the guy about whom Bob Dylan wrote “Mr. Tambourine Man”. That’s right! Not only does he wield a mean Tamborine, but he makes a great hot sauce!

    No Salt, No Preservatives, All Natural Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, Habanero & Japones peppers, garlic, & domestic & African spices .

    From: California

  • Brother Bru-Bru’s Organic African Chipotle Pepper Sauce


    Brother Bru-Bru’s Organic African Chipotle Pepper Sauce – All natural. Made with organic peppers. No Gluten. Low Sodium. There really ia a BROTHER BRU BRU, a legendary musician whom Bob Marley dubbed “Mr Tambourine Man. “Brother Bru Bru is actually the guy about whom Bob Dylan wrote “Mr. Tambourine Man”. That’s right! Not only does he wield a mean Tamborine, but he makes a great hot sauce! When a routine check up showed that he (like 1 in 4 adults) had high blood pressure, the doc told him to cut back salt. Bruce was set on keeping joy in his life and so created this delicious, all natural, low-sodium, sugar-free hot sauce. Enjoy!

    Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, Chipotle peppers, garlic, domestic & African spices, & sea salt.

    From: California

  • Chocolate Habanero Heartbreaking Dawns 1542


    Heartbreaking Dawns 1542 Chocolate Habanero Sauce – Heartbreaking Dawns focuses on both flavor and heat to bring you 1542. It was in this year that Francisco de Orellana, in search of gold and cinnamon, arrived at the mouth of the Amazon River. This sauce features the Chocolate Habanero, also known as the Congo Peppers. The high heat congo comes alive within a blend of narural garlic and cumin flavors. Each of our gourmet fiery products are crafted with a precision and love that we know you’ll be able to taste

    Ingredients: Chocolate Habañero Peppers, Cider Vinegar, Carrot Concentrate, Water, Onion, Brown Sugar, Garlic, Sea Salt, & Cumin.

    From: New York

  • Dave’s Crazy Caribbean Hot Sauce


    The flavor of Rican Red Habaneros, cane vinegar, fresh carrots and garlic combine to make this excellent condiment. Add a dash to any dish to boost your flavor and add a bit of spice.
    Heat Level = 6
    Size: 5 oz. (142 gr.)
    Region: US – California

  • Dave’s Hurtin Habanero Sauce


    A delicious sauce that combines habanero chilies with onions, lime juice, garlic, and spices. INGREDIENTS: Red chile pepper, habanero peppers, onions & garlic. A delicious, but hot combination of chiles and other gourmet ingredients
    Heat Level = 8
    Size: 5 oz. (142g)
    Region: US – California

  • Dave’s Total Insanity Sauce


    This is a super hot sauce with a gourmet garlicky flavor. Insanity is made to be a cooking ingredient and Total Insanity can go right on your food. Heat Level 9
    Heat Level = 9
    Size: 5 oz. (142g)
    Region: US – California

  • Foo Foo Mama Choo Reaper sauce

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    Grapes of Wrath Hot Sauce

    $7.99 $5.99

    High River Sauces Grapes of Wrath – Grapes of Wrath is a unique blend of your favorite hot peppers, red wine, holiday spices and fruit filled magic. This new limited edition hot sauce from High River Sauces will add an instant warmth to all of your upcoming holiday activities. Your Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas goose will never be the same again! Happy “Hotter-days” from High River Sauces!

    Ingredients: Habañero Peppers, Grape Juice, Cabernet Wine, Pineapple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Apple, Red Cabbage, Lime, Ginger, Honey, Brown Sugar, Garlic, Hot Cherry Pepper, Ghost Pepper, Scorpion Pepper, Jalapeño Pepper, Serrano Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Salt, Spice Mix.

    From New York

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    Hellacious Hot Sauce


    Hellacious Hot Sauce…..ingred: White Vinegar, Habaner Mash, Agave, Chipotle Powder, Red Pepper, Minced Garlic, Lime Juice…

    Hellaciously Heavenly Clams – Hellacious Hot Sauce
    Ingredients: 2 Dozen Little Neck Clams, Reserved Clam Juice from the above clams, 1/4 C Diced Fresno Chilis, 1/4 C Diced Onion
    2 TBL Diced Celery, 4 Cloves Garlic, 2 TBL Olive Oil, 1/4 TSP Black Pepper, 2-3 Slices Bacon (nothing maple or sweet but regular or smoked would work well), Hellacious Hot Sauce, Additional Olive Oil (about 1/2 C), Lemon slices for garnish, Sliced Parsley for garnish, A good crusty french baguette
    Directions:Dice all of your vegetables into a fine dice, between 1/8″ and 1/16″. Mix together in a small bowl with the 2 BL olive oil and black pepper.
    Shuck the clams over a container so you can retain the juices that spill out when you open them, this is flavor! Don’t waste it! Putting the clams in the freezer for 10 minutes will make shucking them much easier. If you’re going to wuss out and have your fish monger open them for you, ask him to save the juice for you, but there’s no guarantee that he’ll do this. Strain the juice through a fine strainer or coffee filter to remove any sediment, shells or sand and reserve.
    Preheat your oven to 500 degrees.
    Chop the bacon into 1/8″ strips.
    Arrange the clams on a baking sheet. Using a spoon, put enough of the chopped veggie mixture on each clam, enough to cover. Drip one to two drops of Hellacious Hot Sauce over each clam then add two strips of the sliced bacon, I do this in an x pattern. Repeat until all clams are done. Drizzle the sheet and clams with the 1/4 cup of olive oil and strained clam juice. If there is any left over bacon or veggie mix, spread that out on the sheet as well – after this is cooked, this is pure gold when you dip some good bread in it.
    Place clams in the center of the oven and cook at 500 degrees for 10 minutes or until they look like they are getting too done or burning. Switch the oven to broil and cook for another 2 minutes or until the bacon is done.
    Slice some parsley and sprinkle over the top of the clams. Serve in the hot tray with fresh lemons and the sliced baguetteCheers

  • Lottie’s Red Hot Pepper Sauce


    The Original Barbados recipe! A national and international award winning gourmet hot pepper sauce. All your dishes and recipes will explode with flavor. Lottie’s Hot Pepper Sauces are thick and rich. They are concentrated and never watered down with vinegar. These Hot Pepper Sauces are approved by the FDA for import and contain no preservatives or coloring. Made by hand in Barbados from native Bonnie Peppers. Use Baja-Cajun Hot Pepper Sauce anywhere you may be currently using a Louisiana-style hot sauce. It replaces that tired, old vinegar tasting Louisiana hot sauce in gumbo, etouffee, chile, eggs, stews, spaghetti sauce, BBQ, and all Mexican dishes. INGREDIENTS: Bonnie Peppers, vinegar, onions, salt and garlic.
    Heat Level = 8
    Size: 5oz. (6.75 oz (191g)
    Region: Barbados

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    Marie Sharp’s Fiery Hot 10 oz.

    $7.95 $5.95

    Marie Sharps Fiery Hot Hot sauce, 10 oz. – Select red habanero peppers, fresh carrots, onions, key lime juice, vinegar, garlic and salt

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    Marie Sharps Belizean Heat 10 oz.

    $7.95 $5.95

    Product of Belieze. Marie Sharp’s Belizean Heat Flavor Soups, Sauces and Stir Frys or add to boiling water for rice, pasta or broiled seafood. Habanero Pepper Mash, Capsicum Oil, Fresh Carrots, White Vinegar, Key lime Juice, Salt, Tomato, New Orleans Cajun and Creole Spices, Onions and Garlic. . 10 oz.

  • Outerbridge’s Devilishly Hot – Sherry Pepper Sauce


    Outerbridge’s Devilishly Hot Sherry Peppers Sauce is an island favorite. It enhances the flavor of hundreds of dishes. Adds zest to scrambled eggs, shellfish, sauces, salad dressings, spaghetti sauce, soups, bouillabaisse, martinis and Bloody Marys to name a few. Ingredients: sherry wine, peppers, and spices. Low fat.
    Heat Level = 9
    Size: 5 oz ( 147ml )
    Region: Bermuda

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    Pepperheads Habanero Pepper Sauce XXXX

    $6.95 $4.95
  • Tabasco Habanero Pepper Sauce


    A Jamaican-style pepper sauce, blended with mango, papayas, tamarind, banana, ginger and ground black pepper, the result is a deceptively fruity, yet totally fiery HOT sauce.
    Size: 5 oz. (142g)
    Region: US – Louisiana

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    Tabasco Original

    $7.50 $3.99

    Between 2500-5000 Scoville heat units

  • Tahiti Joe Camel Toe Chipotle Mango


    Camel Toe Hot Sauce

    Chipotle Mango. A smokey and sweet combo! A delicious addition to any dish!

    Ingredients: Vinegar, Aged Red Peppers, Mangoes, Apple Juice, Sugar, Worcestershire, Ocean Clam Juice, Honey, Diced Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Habanero, Jalapeno and Chipotle Peppers, Sea Salt, Onions, Parmesan Cheese, Garlic, Carrots, Cilantro, Spices
    Heat Level: 6
    Size: 5 oz.