Hot Sauce (Medium)

  • Ass Kickin MoonShine Pepper Mash

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    Blair’s Q Heat Wasabi Green Tea

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    Blair’s Q heat
    Wasabi Green Tea

    Hot sauce goes far east with this far out flavor. Lots of fresh jalapeños are mixed with wasabi, and green tea leaf, and real ginger to make a sauce great on everything from steak to sushi.

    Heat Level: 10
    Size: 6.7 oz
    Region: US – New Jersey

  • Brother Bru Bru Organic African Pepper Sauce


    Brother Bru-Bru’s Organic African Chili Pepper Sauce..MILD – All natural. Made with organic peppers. No Gluten. Low Sodium. There really ia a BROTHER BRU BRU, a legendary musician whom Bob Marley dubbed “Mr Tambourine Man.” “Brother Bru Bru is actually the guy about whom Bob Dylan wrote “Mr. Tambourine Man”. That’s right! Not only does he wield a mean Tamborine, but he makes a great hot sauce!When a routine check up showed that he (like 1 in 4 adults) had high blood pressure, the doc told him to cut back salt. Bruce was set on keeping joy in his life and so created this delicious, all natural, low-sodium, sugar-free hot sauce. Enjoy!

    Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, Chili peppers, garlic, domestic & African spices, & sea salt.

    From: California

  • CamelToe Hot Sauce

    CamelToe Hot Sauce


    Camel Toe Hot Sauce

    Camel Toe Hot Sauce is a delicious smoked chipotle and mango hot sauce. So no matter what you call it: snapper, bearded clam, cooter cleavage, the pink taco or beavage. There is nothing that tastes or smells like a Camel Toe hot sauce. Love at first sight.

    From Florida.

    2006 Scovie Awards – Specialty Chile: 2nd Place Hot Sauce. 2005 Scovie Awards – Hot Sauce – Specialty Chile: 1st Place.
    ingredients: Vinegar, Aged Red Peppers, Mangos, apple juice, sugar, honey, diced tomatoes, tomato juice, habaneros, jalapenos, chipotle peppers, sea salt, onions, parmesan cheese, garlic in water, carrots, cilantro, spices, tic gum
  • Dave’s Ginger Peach Hot Sauce


    A hint of sweet, spice and ginger make for an excellent sauce. Try it over vanilla ice cream – it warms a cold dish.
    Heat Level = 6
    Size: 5 oz. (142 gr. )
    Region: US – California

  • Dave’s Gourmet Roasted Garlic Sauce


    If you’re looking for a great-tasting tabasco sauce with a garlic twist, this is the hot sauce for you! Dave’s Roasted Garlic Sauce, with its medium heat level and rich, roasted garlic taste, is a terrific all-purpose table sauce. Add it to everything from pasta to potatoes. If you love garlic and like a little heat, Dave’s Roasted Garlic Sauce is sure to become your favorite hot sauce.

    No preservatives. Refrigerate after opening.

    Serving size for nutritional content: 1 teaspoon

    water, red tabasco pepper pulp, salt, roasted garlic, vinegar, xanthan gum

  • Dave’s Gourmet Roasted Red Pepper Sauce


    Dave’s Gourmet uses fire-roasted sweet red peppers and chipotle chiles to give this sauce a delicious, slightly smoky flavor that will enhance any dish. Although Dave’s Roasted Red Pepper & Chipotle Hot Sauce contains some habanero pulp, this sauce is one of Dave’s less-fiery creations and is more of “warm” hot sauce where flavor takes precedence over fire. Use Dave’s Roasted Red Pepper & Chipotle Sauce on pork, lamb, hamburgers, chile, and any other foods that will benefit from some smoky heat.

    Shake well and refrigerate after opening. No preservatives.

    Serving size for nutritional content: 1 tsp.

    roasted sweet pepper, carrots, chipotle peppers, cane vinegar, habanero pepper pulp, salt, lime juice, onions, olive oil, passion fruit, citric acid, xanthan gum

  • Dave’s Hurtin Jalapeno Sauce


    The flavor is green and clean. Green chiles, lime juice, chayote, scallions and cane vinegar combine to create a cool flavor with a touch of heat.
    Heat Level = 5
    Size: 5 oz. (142 gr.)
    Region: US – California

  • Garlic Habanero Pepper Sauce Melinda’s


    The Habanero (Capsicum chinense) is the hottest chile pepper in the world, measuring between 200,000 and 300,000 Scoville Units (the hottest jalapeno measures only 5000 S.U.) Pepper connoisseurs the world over consider it to be the finest variety known to man. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Melinda’s blends fresh carrots, onions, garlic, and a hint of lime juice with the Habanero. The result is a pepper sauce that harmonizes heat and flavor without the overpowering pungency found in traditional vinegar-based hot sauces. Melinda’s vegetable base allows you to spice your food without drowning out the original flavor. Naturally hot, vegetable base. Heat Level = 4.
    Heat Level = 4
    Size: 5 oz. (142g)
    Region: Costa Rica

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    Hooters Habañero Hot Sauce


    Hooters Habañero Hot Sauce – Add a little spice to your meal!

    No Fat, No Carb, No Calorie Ingredients: Vinegar, Habañero peppers, sugar, salt, lime juice concentrate, onion, garlic, & natural flavoring.

    From: Florida

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    Jalapeno Pepper Sauce by TRR

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    Web Special.TRR Jalapeño Pepper Sauce……All Natural, No Preservatives, LOW Sodium..

    Our all natural Jalapeño Sauce will compliment any chicken or fish dinner. It’s also great as an ingredient when making your favorite Mexican dip. My son Ryan loves it on his nachos. Let One Rip!™….Ingred: Jalapeño Peppers, White Vinegar, Onion, Serrano Peppers, Lemon Juice, Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Honey, Pepper, Coriander, Cumin…5 fl oz.

  • Jalapeno Pineapple Sauce Heartbreaking Dawns


    Heartbreaking Dawns Breakwater Jalapeño Hot Sauce – Heartbreaking Dawns uses only the finest natural ingredients to bring you our Jalapeño Pineapple Hot Sauce, a mouth watering island sensation. By blending fresh pineapples with traditional jalapeño flavors, we’ve created a sweet, yet seductive, premium hot sauce. It is a perfect match for chicken, pork, seafood and rice dishes. Our gourmet hot sauce is crafted with a precision and a love that we know you’ll be able to taste.

    Heartbreaking Dawns: Searing Passion

    Sensory Seduction

    Ingredients: Pineapple, Jalapeño Pepper, Onion, Carrots, Vinegar, Habañero Peppers, Sugar, Lime Juice, Salt, Garlic.

    From New York

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    Marie Sharps Habanero Pepper Sauce Hot 10 oz.

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    A medium hot sauce with a taste of carrots, lime, habanero, garlic and vinegar. The first impression of an acid carrot juice is shortly followed by a fresh habanero flavour and a little garlic, and a few seconds later comes the heat. Nice taste but a little too much salt. Heat Level = 6 Size: 10 oz. (142g) Region: Belize

  • Outerbridge’s Original Sherry Pepper Sauce White


    A medium hot, very special sauce with a smoky taste of sherry, thyme and chili peppers. A very long aftertaste of sherry and herbs. Perfect with all kinds of grilled and fried meat and dark poultry, also an excellent marinade for shrimps, prawns and lobster.
    Heat Level = 6
    Size: 5 oz. (142g)
    Region: Bermuda

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    Pepperheads Caribbean XXX

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    PepperHeads CARIBBEAN XX hot sauce is made free from artificial coloring with extremely great flavor. This Premium Hot Sauce is a combination of tropical herbs with added peppers. The Caribbean seasoning is a blend of natural herbs with a medium heat level. It can be used to season food, (meat, vegetables, eggs, etc.); or add it to spreads and dips. Remember, it

  • PETA Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce


    PETA Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce (5 FL.OZ. / 148 ml): People for Eating Tasty Animals is the perfect hot sauce to go on all of your favorite meaty dishes. Loving all God’s creatures next to my potatoes. Ingredients: Habanero Peppers, Distilled Vinegar, Garlic, Salt, and Vegetable Gum. Brand: PETA Sauces Manufacturer: Chile Pepper Republic

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    Tabasco brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce

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    Pour it on! Our NEW TABASCO