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Carolina Reaper Peppers 25

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Carolina Reaper peppers have approximately 25 in each ounce. Ours are of best quality, there are Carolina Reaper peppers out there from crops picked years ago that you won’t like. Ours are packaged from one ounce or 28 grams to one Kilo or 2.2 pounds. There are approx. 25 Carolina Reaper peppers in one ounce, 400 in a pound and 875 in a kilo. These are dried full peppers intact with the seeds. The Guinness Book Of World Records has documented the heat level at 1,569,000 scoville units. It has a cherry under tone with a hint of citrus. I agree it is as tasty as it is extremely hot. Science has the Moruga Trinidad Scorpion pepper as the hottest pepper which has been tested up to two million scoville units. But, this is what Guinness World Book of Records has listed as the hottest chili pepper. We also carry the Carolina Reaper peppers seeds, Carolina Reaper powder and Carolina Reaper flakes. In the Spring we even offered Carolina Reaper peppers plants. The pepper was first cultivated by Smokin Ed Currie on his South Carolina farm who’s business is Puckerbutt Pepper Company.

 Here is a link to CBS news :

http://www.cbsnews.com/news/worlds-hottest-pepper-is-grown-in-south-carolina/ which states the following:  FORT MILL, S.C. Ed Currie holds one of his world-record Carolina Reaper peppers by the stem, which looks like the tail of a scorpion. On the other end is the bumpy, oily, fire-engine red fruit with a  punch of heat nearly as potent as most pepper sprays used by police. It’s hot enough to leave even the most seasoned spicy food aficionado  crimson-faced, flushed with sweat, trying not to lose his lunch. Last month, the Guinness Book of World Records decided Currie’s peppers were the hottest on earth, ending a more than four-year drive to prove no one grows a more scorching chili.

The heat of Currie’s Carolina Reaper peppers were certified by students at Winthrop University who test food as part  of their undergraduate classes.But whether Currie’s peppers are truly the world’s hottest is a  question that one scientist said can never be known. The heat of a  pepper depends not just on the plant’s genetics, but also where it is  grown, said Paul Bosland, director of the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University. And the heat of a pepper is more about being  macho than seasoning. “You have to think of chili heat like salt. A little bit improves the flavor, but a lot ruins it,” Bosland said.

Some ask Currie if the record should be given to the single hottest pepper  tested instead of the mean taken over a whole batch. After all, Usain Bolt isn’t considered the world’s fastest man because of his average time over several races, but Currie shakes off those questions.”What’s the  sense in calling something a record if it can’t be replicated? People want to be able to say they ate the world’s hottest pepper,” Currie  said.

Carolina Reaper peppers are also available from www.TasteWhatIsHot.com.

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7 reviews for Carolina Reaper Peppers 25

  1. david

    If you are into real serious heat, this is it. My mouth is still on fire from the tiny nibble i had. Looking forward to messing with my friends and making some crazy hot dishes with these beauties.

  2. mycondo211@yahoo.com

    I followed the re-hydration instructions and made a home made salsa by adding diced tomatoes, onions, garlic and some secret spices. Hot, chunky, and wonderful. Love it!

  3. FrankC47@comcast.net

    Unreal peppers. Now this is one hot chili. Carolina Reaper is now my favorite pepper, hands down. Love them!

  4. kevin (verified owner)

    Got mine in and quick too, i am super happy with what i got!

  5. docscottsmith (verified owner)

    I hate hot stuff but my wife loves it. I have not made anything that she cannot handle, even with ghost peppers, that is until now. I always use things inmy sauce to give flavor so it is just not hot but good, well she could only do a few drops and has finally said, This is HOT!! Good stuff and fast delivery.

  6. Justin (verified owner)

    Pretty quick turnaround time! Great heat and lots of flavor! Terrifically hot!! For heat-freaks ONLY!

  7. harold (verified owner)

    Harold April 9, 2016 Decent turnaround time, Carolina Reaper has nice burn to it. Excellent for those who enjoy heat with their food.

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