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Smoked Carolina Reaper powder is now available, regular is out of stock. It is packaged from 28 grams or one ounce to one kilo. We take freshly dried Carolina Reaper peppers and grind it into a fine powder or dust. The Guinness Book of World Records has documented the heat level at 1,569,000 scoville units. Science has the Moruga Trinidad Scorpion pepper as the hottest pepper which has been tested up to two million scoville units. But, this is what Guinness World Book of Records has listed as the hottest chili pepper. The pepper was first cultivated by Smokin Ed Currie on his South Carolina farm who’s business is Puckerbutt Pepper Company. See Carolina Reaper peppers for more details. Here is my personal initial experience with Carolina Reaper powder. When I first opened the bag in the barrel it came in, I pulled the bag open wide to get a look at the Carolina Reaper powder up close in anticipated excitement as I inspected my new find. A few minutes later my cheeks began to burn for real, no kidding, my face was on fire. A friend came by and said “what happened to your face?” When I looked in a mirror I saw what looked like a fresh sunburn. The kind you get when you first go out into the sun after months of being indoors. The Carolina Reaper powder fumes alone did that. Please use extreme caution when you first try Carolina Reaper powder. When we process the packaging of Carolina Reaper powder we use a double particle fume gas mask. Of course you will be receiving a much smaller amount of Carolina Reaper powder, but I still caution you to be careful. Buyer beware. Keep in mind in the Spring we even offered Carolina Reaper plants if you would like to grow your own. We also offer seeds.

Carolina Reaper powder is also seen at www.TasteWhatIsHot.com.


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4 reviews for Carolina Reaper POWDER

  1. jgabriel3656@yahoo.com

    When Ghost Pepper powder first came out I was an immediate fan. There was never a product like that. Then the Trinidad Scorpion powder was introduced. It was even better than the Ghost Pepper powder. Now comes the Carolina Reaper powder and it absolutely blows the other two away. I find it to be hotter than I ever expected. Next I will try the Reaper flakes. I prefer flakes when I make my own salsa, but I find more uses for the powder. Thanks Pepperheads !

  2. mycondo211@yahoo.com

    What a wonderful product. I just love this stuff. Super hot powder. I rubbed it on a steak and I am in heaven. I can’t wait to try the reaper flakes.

  3. jpstouffer (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery…Super hot powder!!! Be careful when you open the tub, it’s potent! Love this stuff

  4. IrrelevantPerson (verified owner)

    Tastes great and is super potent. I’m kind of disappointed though; I thought the spiciest pepper in the world would be hotter. It took eating a pinch by itself to really feel a burn, but I swear it got me high. I love it, it’s great, but hopefully a hotter pepper comes out soon!

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