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Chocolate Bhutlah Pepper Plant (2)


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Chocolate Bhutlah Pepper seedlings will be available in the late spring. If you want this super hot pepper plant they will be Very Limited and we recommend getting at least two plants. Two (2) plants for $9.95. Order priority shipping please. This is the chili pepper that everyone is talking about as even hotter than the Carolina Reaper. This is the newest hottest chili pepper that Guinness just has not ratted yet. Being Guinness has not rated it yet, that can not be confirmed, but many who have tried them think this one is even hotter. We have the plants and will be offering fresh peppers sometime in August. Grow your own and get to taste a fresh Chocolate Bhutlah pepper. Pepperheads also carries the peppers fresh and dried depending on the time of year. We also have Chocolate Bhutlah powder and flakes on stock all year. The Chocolate Bhutlah is a strain of chili pepper, originally created by Chad Soleski. The variety was made by accident, via an unintentional cross-pollination. The mother plant was the Red Bhutlah, which is a cross between the Trinidad Douglah (also known as the 7 pot/pod douglah or 7 pod brown), and bhut jolokia (ghost pepper). It’s unknown from which variety they were crossed. Chad Soleski gave these cross-pollinated seeds for the Red Bhutlah to Steven Mclaurin, who grew them out and discovered the chocolate-colored pods.[1] A large specimen was sent to, and reviewed by, Ted Barrus, which caused a sensation in the chili pepper community; that it could be the next hottest pepper in the world.[2]
Though its Scoville rating has not yet been determined (due to the instability of the pepper), many chili reviewers have said that it is hotter than the Carolina Reaper, the current world record holder. The chocolate bhutlah is a large chili, typically with a blistered exterior, and has a floral taste.[3]  Chocolate Bhutlah pepper plant is also seen at www.Tastewhatshot.com.

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