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Chocolate Bhutlah Powder is now available from Pepperheads. The Chocolate Bhutlah chili pepper is the newest super hot pepper. Many have sworn this pepper is even hotter than the Guinness World Book of Record current holder which is the Carolina Reaper pepper. However, until Guinness World Book of Records actually tests the Chocolate Bhutlah powder it will remain what the individual heat receptors in each persons mouth tells them. Whole dried peppers including seeds are ground up into a fine Chocolate Bhutlah powder. This powder is extremely potent and concentrated Chocolate Bhutlah. Use sparingly and so not get any on your hands or anywhere near your eyes. It will last for a long time if kept sealed and dry, but it will last even longer if you store it in your freezer. This can be used as any powder or how on would use a condiment. Put it in your Chile or favorite casserole. It really adds a special kick to Pizza or soup. For those who are especially bold try using the Chocolate Bhutlah powder as a rub on your favorite cut of steak or roast. You can even sprinkle a little on what ever type of fish you like. Pepperheads offered fresh picked Chololate Bhultah chili peppers that were available in the summer and autumn of 2016. They sold very well and we expect to have them once again available in 2017 and beyond in the late summer and autumn. Pepperheads will also offer the plants in late spring of for those who want to have fresh picked peppers on hand. We now offer dried Chocolate Bhutlah peppers from the fresh picked peppers we had that dried out on the plants. These are great for those who want new Chocolate Bhutlah pepper seeds. Many of our devoted followers enjoy the challenge of growing their own super hot chili peppers. So we offer these to those who have a green thumb and like to garden.

Also available from www.Tastewhatishot.com.

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