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Dave’s Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

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Dave’s Ghost Pepper hot sauce has become the icon of Dave’s Gourmet hot and spicy products. It is gluten free and has no preservatives. Every hot sauce enthusiast knows the Dave’s Gourmet name. They have become a true leader with many hot sauces in their line. Dave’s Ghost Pepper hot sauce is thicker than most of Dave’s hot sauces. Very few hot sauce does not contain vinegar but Dave’s Ghost Pepper hot sauce has the Ghost pepper as the very first ingredient so it packs a wonderful Ghost pepper taste. Vinegar, which many hot sauce aficionados who search for hot and spicy products without it, is not needed in this one. Also many do use garlic in their hot sauce recipes but you never see roasted garlic pulp in a hot sauce. That really adds such a great flavor to Dave’s Ghost Pepper hot sauce. The best selling hot sauce at Pepperheads retail store is Dave’s Ghost Pepper hot sauce. This is not surprising as whoever tries it at the tasting counter buys it. They come back often to repurchase more and more. Some even pick up a case at a time of Dave’s Ghost Pepper hot sauce. I hear about so many uses for this product it seem endless. It is not just for chili or eggs. Ghost Peppers or Naga/Bhut Jolokia are all the rage so order a bottle of Dave’s Ghost Pepper hot sauce today!


This is what is written right on the bottle: So hot it is spooky! This is a delicious addition to most any food, but especially sauces, meat and ethnic foods. It is also a great industrial cleaner and grease remover.

WARNING: Use this product one drop at a time. Keep away from eyes, pets and children. Not for people with heart/respiratory problems. Shake well and refrigerate after opening.

Dave’s Ghost Pepper hot sauce is also offered at www.TasteWhatIsHot.com

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1 review for Dave’s Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

  1. matthew (verified owner)

    When I got this in the mail today I opened the bottle and put a nice sample on my finger to taste. It has great flavor, and the heat will open your pores!

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