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Fresh Carolina Reaper 6 Peppers

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First 2020 availability should start in August. Fresh Carolina Reaper peppers that are fresh picked ( not dried ) and sent out the day they come off the plant. Organic growing principles used. The fresh pepper season is now over. These are whole fresh peppers and sent with stems and seeds. You will receive fresh Carolina Reaper peppers. Priority mail will ensure fresher peppers. Now that the last harvest (sometimes up to early December ), is over the fresh Carolina Reaper peppers will not be available until the next crop which will be late summer or autumn of 2020. You can plant the seeds and grow your own fresh Carolina Reaper peppers. I must caution you it is not simple to germinate Reaper seeds. If you would rather have the plants themselves we will have Carolina Reaper pepper plants for you about May 2020. The soil has to be 82 to 92 degrees and can take up to three weeks to sprout. Carolina Reaper is in stock in the form of powder and flakes. We at www.Pepperheads-Hotsauces.com also have available the newest hottest chili pepper to be. The Chocolate Bhutlah pepper many swear is surely hotter than the Carolina Reaper pepper. Since Guinness has not gotten around to actually test this new pepper in their lab there is no scientific proof that it actually is hotter than the fresh Carolina Reaper pepper. We also have that pepper available in powder and flakes. When planting any of these super hot chili seeds keep the soil moist but not drenched and do not let it completely dry out. As soon as it sprouts make sure they get enough light. Two and a half years ago The Guinness Book of Records announced the Carolina Reaper pepper as the hottest pepper in the world. Science has recorded the Moruga Trinidad Scorpion pepper at a higher scoville unit rating. Now you can decide for yourself which one your taste buds feel is the hottest. The are super fresh Carolina Reaper peppers.

Fresh Carolina Reaper peppers are also available from www.tastewhatishot.com.

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2 reviews for Fresh Carolina Reaper 6 Peppers

  1. mycondo211@yahoo.com

    These are definitely super hot chilies. Also fresh peppers do have more heat and flavor than the dried pods. These were not easy to find fresh picked, so kudos go out to pepperheads-hotsauce.com. I love your website. F.B.

  2. lbdnowg (verified owner)

    My son did the pepper challenge. The peppers where HOT!!! The owner of the see is amazing. He worked with me to get the peppers on the right day so they would b fresh. He was very kind and even gave me advice for my sons pepper challenge.

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