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This is the only bottle of hot sauce you will find that looks like a Lava Lamp. The Oleoresin of Capsicum (the hot stuff) is the “Lava” that gives the effect of a lava lamp. Get this awesome bottle of hot sauce to add to your collection!

Size:5 oz
Heat LeveL: 10++
1,000,000 scoville units

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Magma Hot Sauce. This is the only bottle of hot sauce you will find that looks like a Lava Lamp, hence Magma Hot Sauce. The Oleoresin of Capsicum (the hot stuff) is the “Lava” that gives the effect of a lava lamp. Get this awesome bottle of hot sauce to add to your collection! Magma Hot SauceSize:5 oz
Heat LeveL: 10++
1,000,000 scoville units  of Magma Hot Sauce


Humans have been aware of the use of chili peppers and other spicy naturally occurring spices for thousands of years.[1] One of the first commercially available bottled hot sauces appeared in 1807 in Massachusetts.[2] However, of the early brands in the 1800s, few survive to this day. Tabasco sauce is the earliest recognizable brand in the hot sauce industry, appearing in 1868 and becoming synonymous with the term hot sauce.[3] As of 2010, it was the number 13 best-selling condiment in the United States[4] preceded by Frank’s RedHot Sauce in number 12 place.[5]


There are many recipes for hot sauces but the only common ingredient is any kind of chili pepper. A group of chemicals called capsaicinoids are responsible for the heat in chili peppers.[6] Many hot sauces are made by using chili peppers as the base and can be as simple as adding salt and vinegar while other sauces use some type of fruits or vegetables as the base and add the chili peppers to make them hot. Manufacturers use many different processes including aging in containers, pureeing and cooking the ingredients to achieve a desired flavor. Because of their ratings on the Scoville scale, Ghost pepper and Habanero peppers are used to make the hotter sauces but additional ingredients are used to add extra heat, such as pure capsaicin extract and mustard oil. Other common ingredients include vinegar and spices. Vinegar is used primarily as a natural preservative but using flavored vinegars can be used to attain a different taste.

 Styles of hot sauce

 The Americas

Mexico – Mexican hot sauce typically focuses more on flavor than on intense heat.[7] Chipotles are a very popular ingredient of Mexican hot sauce and although the sauces are hot, the individual flavors of the peppers are more pronounced. Vinegar is used sparingly or not at all in Mexico but some sauces are high in vinegar content similar to the American Louisiana-style sauces. Some hot sauces made in Mexico may include using the seeds from the popular achiote plant for coloring or a slight flavor additive. The process of adobos (marinade) has been used in the past as a preservative but now it is mainly used to enhance the flavor of the peppers and they rely more on the use of vinegar. Mexican-style sauces are primarily produced in Mexico but they are also produced internationally. These are some of the notable companies producing Mexican style hot sauce.
  • United States: Most often called hot sauce, they are typically made from chili pepper, vinegar and salt. The varieties of peppers that are used often are cayenne, chipotle, habanero and jalapeno. Some hot sauces, notably Tabasco sauce, are aged in wooden casks similar to the preparation of wine and fermented vinegar. Other ingredients, including fruits and vegetables such as raspberries, mangoes, carrots, and chayote squash are sometimes used to add flavor, mellow the heat of the chilis, and thicken the sauce’s consistency.
    • Artisan hot sauces are produced by smaller producers and private labelers in the United States. Their products are produced in smaller quantities in a variety of flavors. Many sauces have a theme to catch consumers attention.
      • Chili pepper water: Used primarily in Hawaii, this concoction is ideal for cooking. It is made from whole chilies, garlic, salt, and water. Often homemade, the pungent end product must be sealed carefully to prevent leakage.[8]
    • Sriracha sauce A traditional Thai hot sauce, made primarily of ground chilies, garlic, vinegar, sugar, and salt. Often called “rooster sauce” after the most widely sold U.S. brand’s label.
    • A very mild chili sauce is produced by Heinz and other manufacturers, and is frequently found in cookbooks in the U.S. This style chili sauce is based on tomatoes, green and/or red bell peppers, and spices; and contains little chili pepper. This sauce is more akin to tomato ketchup and cocktail sauce than predominantly chili pepper-based sauces.[9]
    • New Mexico: New Mexican style chile sauces differ from others in that they contain no vinegar. Almost every traditional New Mexican dish is served with red or green chile sauce. The sauce is often added to meats, eggs, vegetables, breads, and some dishes are, in fact, mostly chile sauce with a modest addition of pork, beef, or beans.
    • Magma Hot Sauce is also available at www.TasteWhatIsHot.com

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