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Marie Sharp’s Fiery Hot 10 oz.


Marie Sharps Fiery Hot Hot sauce, 10 oz. – Select red habanero peppers, fresh carrots, onions, key lime juice, vinegar, garlic and salt

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Marie Sharp’s Fiery Hot pepper sauce uses select red habanero peppers and adds a nice touch with fresh carrots and key lime juice. This is the large 10 ounce bottle, not the small 5 ounce bottle. Every person I know who visited Belize brings back Marie Sharp’s Fiery Hot pepper Sauce in their luggage. Marie Sharp’s is a world famous hot sauce company and one of the largest exporters of hot sauce from Central America. Almost anyone who uses hot sauce is familiar with Marie Sharp’s line and Marie Sharp’s Fiery Hot pepper sauce is our best seller. It is so popular that in Belize they buy it in 10 ounce bottles by the case. A bottle would last the average person less than a few days being they use it in just about all their best dishes. You must have heard of Huevos Ranchero. Well Marie Sharp’s Fiery Hot pepper sauce and eggs make that Mexican dish taste weak. Even though Mexico is just over the border from Belize, they don’t have Marie Sharp’s Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce. Chicken is a very popular choice down there. Many dinners include this bird and the pepper sauce can be used in a marinade or as a dressing. When all the parts are cut off try pulling off the remaining meat and pour on Marie Sharp’s Fiery Hot pepper sauce generously. It is better than pulled pork and has half the fat and calories. The flavor will grow on you and it is so versatile you will come up with endless culinary sensations. There is something special in the peppers that are grown in Belize. I am sure Marie herself figured that one out as a young child. That is why Marie Sharp’s Fiery Hot pepper sauce should be out on every table. It is just that good period.

 Marie Sharp’s Fiery Hot pepper sauce is available at www.TasteWhatsIsHot.com.

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