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Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Flakes

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Trinidad Scorpion Moruga flakes are now available. They come is sizes 1 oz. to 4 ounces. Trinidad Scorpion Moruga flakes are coarsely chopped Trinidad Scorpion Moruga dried peppers. Great to add to any dish that you want extreme heat and texture. Trinidad Scorpion Moruga flakes mixed with any of your favorite hot sauce makes a wonderful paste that will enhance any dish. It also makes a fantastic marinade for all meats especially any game. Venison, caribou, elk or wild boar can marinade in a paste made with Trinidad Scorpion Moruga flakes and it will cut the gamey taste and add such a fun filled flavor it will grab the attention of everybody. There are many types of pepper flakes on the market. None of them even come close to the extreme super heat of Trinidad Scorpion Moruga flakes. Regular Italian hot pepper flakes come in about one thousand to three thousand scoville heat units. That is not even remotely close to the heat of Trinidad Scorpion Moruga flakes. They go up to 2 million scoville heat units which is the same heat rating as police grade pepper spray! People are used to Tabasco sauce which come in about 2200 scoville heat units. Now try to imagine Trinidad Scorpion Moruga flakes that come in between 1.2 million and 2 million scoville heat units. That is not even near to the extreme heat the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga flakes have! Back in 2012 when the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper took the title of the world’s hottest pepper who knew the heat levels would even come close to what they are now. The Moruga species is the hottest of all the Trinidad scorpion Peppers. They even top the Carolina Reaper which Guinness has been paid to say is the hottest pepper but science testing has the Moruga as the hottest. So enjoy Trinidad Scorpion Moruga flakes and make your favorite dish excel!


Trinidad Scorpion Moruga flakes are also available at www.TasteWhatIsHot.com.

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3 reviews for Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Flakes

  1. FrankC47@comcast.net

    These are great! Much better flavor than the Ghost Pepper flakes I got. I am so glad they finally came out with this. I recommend these flakes to anyone who likes heat

  2. Tanya (verified owner)

    I bought these for my dad for a Christmas gift ( yes I love him and no I don’t want to off him )… He is a heat seeking machine, as far as I know he hasn’t gotten to try these yet so this should be a hit… I decided to open the container and try just one little seed, well it packed a punch alright, I felt the burn in my mouth for a good hour after ( not including my lip burning and I didn’t even touch my lip ) I am thinking of ordering a small amount for myself as this would be great to add to any pasta dish or pizza or anything your heart desires… Thanks Pepperheads for keeping on top of what’s needed by us the wild and crazy heat seekers.

  3. theleprecon410@yahoo.com

    I usually do not make reviews but these flakes are so exceptional I just have to let everyone know you MUST try this !!

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