Smoked Carolina Reaper Powder

Smoked Carolina Reaper powder is available right now. Everyone knows about the Guinness Record Book of World records hottest chili pepper, the Carolina Reaper. The pulverized crushed dried chili peppers create an extremely hot pepper powder. This is that powder but in a smoked version. This adds a very special taste and flavor to the reaper powder. Smoked Carolina Reaper powder still has that intense super heat of the reaper pepper but adds a smoky flavor. It is available in packages from one ounce to a Kilo or 2.2 pounds. Ed Currie from South Carolina created the Carolina Reaper pepper and had Guinness rate it as the hottest chili pepper in the world. So try our Smoked Carolina Reaper powder in any dish of you desire. It will add that very special touch. I have tried Reaper flakes and enjoyed them very much. They ad a texture that a powder does not have. However Smoked Carolina Reaper powder seems to be more intense in the that department and I do enjoy that smoky addition. So I guess it is up to the individual to decide what makes the world go round. Powder or flakes? Smoked or not smoked. I once again insist that the Smoked Carolina Reaper powder has my vote as a preferred spicy attraction. The normal powder is great and I do enjoy it. However the smoked version adds a distinctive boost to an ordinary powder. One can not expect a difference if one does not decide what makes Smoked Carolina Reaper powder any different than another product. Yes, powder is powder but one can not see any slant to a flavor if it is not considered. Smoky does not always compliment a pepper taste but in this case I believe it most certainly does. You decide if you like Smoked Carolina Reaper powder or the original non smoked version.

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